Small Space Big Cottage Feel

Recently I was tasked with creating a cozy dinning space in an awkward 5 foot by 8 foot space for a cottage makeover. I was up for the challenge and the transformation was jaw dropping for the owners.

With tiny spaces, my big tips are always to exploit every square inch and use visual tricks to create the illusion of space. Use all wall space, surrounding space and floor space possible

Go vertical. Instead of using one big piece of art in a small space, use multiple smaller

pieces. It makes the space seem more expansive than is really is. For this feature wall I

used a variety of art from an online source -

. You go online,

pick the art you want to use (or you can use your own), pick the frames and colour, and

they ship it all to your door.

To enhance the cottage feel, for the feature wall I also used a variety of stag heads (faux

of course) found at Home Sense, which I mix and matched with in the photos. The great

thing here is that you can just keep adding to the feature wall as you find things that


The most important piece of all is the table – it’s where you gather around and make

lasting memories. For this space I chose a gorgeous five-foot-long, wood-topped


from Artemano with sturdy metal legs

, which anchors the room.

Seating was carefully chosen. Two wooden stools with raw unfinished edges — also



— add a “farmhouse twist.” For small space dining areas, I recommend

chairs that tuck under the table when not in use.

For the captains chairs, I also chose a version from


which are thinner than

usual captain chairs and tuck nicely into the side of the table. This allows more walking

space surrounding the area when meals are done.

In a small space I love to go big on colour. For this table setting, I used bright and bold

patterns from

Home Sense

that were mixed and matched to create this gorgeous brunch

setting. Setting the table is certainly a time where you can bring in bold colours and

really make a statement.

For this space I chose a funky modern light that casts great shadows at night, and by

day is beautiful enough to be considered art. The understated colour gets noticed, yet

doesn’t stealing attention from the rest of the room.

By carefully piecing this room together, a small space has the illusion of being much

larger than it is, and the room’s functionality has improved as much as its beauty.

You can do a lot in a small space, and you can create a larger feel with just décor!

Until next time,

w&c designer girl!